What’s this about?

I love change.  To me, change means development, improvement, and progression.  I especially love change in the context of stability and gratitude: knowing the difference between baby and bathwater, as it were.

I help people make good change at work, by providing mentoring, professional development support and coaching.  I help organisations with strategy, values and leadership challenges, by planning and facilitating strategy workshops, writing organisational strategies and leading governance reviews.

I help public sector and non-Government organisations make good social change, through good social marketing and behaviour change practice, strong strategy and rock solid story telling.

And I do what I can to contribute to good change in the world, through a social enterprise, The Good Registry, through my professional and voluntary Board roles (WELLfed, the Digital Media Trust, WREDA, and the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust), and through mentoring and voluntary work with lots of good groups and people (including Anjum Rahman’s Inclusive Aotearoa Collective).  I’ve recently started volunteering with The Howard League, and I hope that what I’m contributing by spending a morning each week at prison is coming even vaguely close to what I’m getting out of it.

If you think I can help you with any of these things you can find me through LinkedIn.

This blog site is a collection of some things I’ve written about good change at work, good social change, and good change in the world.  If you’d like to contribute your thoughts on any of these topics, please do comment, or share a story of your own.

If you’re wondering, by the way, about the significance of “Portchester”, it’s where I was born.  As Kierkegard said, life can only be understood backwards (although it must be lived forwards).

Tracey Bridges