I mostly work by supporting other people in their work, either by helping with strategy, critical thinking and problem solving; by working with people and organisations to define what values-based leadership looks like for them; or working with others to generate positive social change.

If you think I can help you with any of these things you can find me through LinkedIn.  Otherwise I hope you find something interesting to read here.

If you want to see what else I’m involved with, you can have a look at The Good Registry. You can also hear me some weeks on The Panel on Radio New Zealand.

If you’re wondering, by the way, about the significance of “Portchester”, it’s where I was born, and it seemed as good a handle as any when I needed a new email address.

Portchester, New York is a fairly humble place, so I’m sorry if you were hoping for a more exciting backstory. ¬†I did consider some more poetic names but they all carried a bit more fanfare than seemed necessary in this instance.


Tracey Bridges

Director, Portchester Consulting