Good change at work, Good change in the world

We can be the changemakers

Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Changing Mindsets Conference 2019: opening speech  We’re gathered here today in the name of change. Each block of presentations in this conference is framed around a different aspect of change, and each presenter will offer their own observations on change. And for everyone here it’s an opportunity to think… Continue reading We can be the changemakers

Good change in the world

Can’t you take a joke?

I grew up with comedy, listening to and reciting Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python while doing the dishes with my brother in our suburban Palmerston North kitchen.  We would invent and record or perform sketches, and put on shows for anyone who would watch – costumes, recorded music and all.  At university, we wrote and… Continue reading Can’t you take a joke?

Good change in the world

Framing and Free Speech: are we letting the alt-right win the battle of wits?

In his 2004 book, Don’t Think of An Elephant, American linguist George Lakoff described the power of “framing” – the use of commonly understood metaphors, or narrative constructs, to describe issues or events in a way that makes sense to people, and means they will be more easily convinved of a contrary world view.  Thus,… Continue reading Framing and Free Speech: are we letting the alt-right win the battle of wits?

Good change at work

Can you live without praise?

“Give me compliments, I said give me compliments” is the refrain from a strangely compulsive YouTube video (pictured above). No matter what the under-appreciated protagonist achieves - getting to work on time, loading the dishwasher - he gets no praise. His awesomeness is written off as if it were “of coursedness”. It’s good to learn to live… Continue reading Can you live without praise?