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Every good person says yes

Last week The Good Registry ticked over the one million mark: $1million raised for good causes in New Zealand, many thousands of unwanted gifts foregone. The effects of all this goodness and generosity are far reaching. It’s not just the money for good causes (although that is – obviously – significant). It’s the environmental impact… Continue reading Every good person says yes

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A beginner’s guide to behaviour change programme planning

I was asked recently to give some advice to a group of people who were embarking on a behaviour change programme. They needed some advice quickly, and the urgency forced me to be concise. I thought others might find this useful too… so here it is.  Fundamentally, it’s important to acknowledge that behaviour change is hard.… Continue reading A beginner’s guide to behaviour change programme planning

Good change in the world

Transparency is a system – how can we fix it?

I’ve been reading the recent discussion about transparency and the public sector with a great deal of interest.  Transparency is a crucial part of a strong and functioning democracy. By most objective measures the legislation and policies that support transparency in New Zealand are strong.  So it’s interesting and concerning to read editorials from the media… Continue reading Transparency is a system – how can we fix it?

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Power shift: an equity lens on social marketing

On November 17 2020 I took part in the GovComms Festival, a global dialogue about the future of Govenrment sector communications, and part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Government After Shock programme. My presentation notes are below.  Tēnā koutou katoa I’m here today to offer a provocation, which is based on three observations… Continue reading Power shift: an equity lens on social marketing

Good social change

The State and Social Marketing: can we embrace change?

This article was first published by the New Zealand Public Service Association as part of its Progressive Thinking series.  You can read other articles in the series here.  And you can access webinars about each article - including my one - through the same link.   Social marketing – the use of commercial marketing and… Continue reading The State and Social Marketing: can we embrace change?

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Cancel culture and the pile on

This week, 150 prominent writers and academics put their names to a Letter on Justice and Open Debate, published in Harper’s Magazine.  The letter bemoaned what the writers felt was a growing illiberalism in public discourse.  It was a curious and strangely unenlightening contribution to an ongoing discussion about “cancel culture”, perhaps prompted by a… Continue reading Cancel culture and the pile on

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Can you template strategy?

A really good communication strategy is hard to think up, and sometimes even harder to write down. But a great strategy can be the difference between effective and ineffective communications, so it’s an essential, if challenging, part of communication practice. Although practitioners are rightly wary of strategy templates - because every strategy will be different,… Continue reading Can you template strategy?

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We can be the changemakers

Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Changing Mindsets Conference 2019: opening speech  We’re gathered here today in the name of change. Each block of presentations in this conference is framed around a different aspect of change, and each presenter will offer their own observations on change. And for everyone here it’s an opportunity to think… Continue reading We can be the changemakers

Good change in the world

Can’t you take a joke?

I grew up with comedy, listening to and reciting Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python while doing the dishes with my brother in our suburban Palmerston North kitchen.  We would invent and record or perform sketches, and put on shows for anyone who would watch – costumes, recorded music and all.  At university, we wrote and… Continue reading Can’t you take a joke?