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Can you template strategy?

A really good communication strategy is hard to think up, and sometimes even harder to write down. But a great strategy can be the difference between effective and ineffective communications, so it’s an essential, if challenging, part of communication practice. Although practitioners are rightly wary of strategy templates - because every strategy will be different,… Continue reading Can you template strategy?

Good change at work

Can you live without praise?

“Give me compliments, I said give me compliments” is the refrain from a strangely compulsive YouTube video (pictured above). No matter what the under-appreciated protagonist achieves - getting to work on time, loading the dishwasher - he gets no praise. His awesomeness is written off as if it were “of coursedness”. It’s good to learn to live… Continue reading Can you live without praise?

Good change at work

Purpose is personal: what’s yours?

What is your purpose? Have you thought about it recently? Just over a year ago I realised that mine had shifted, and I no longer felt – as I had for so long – that what I did was me. That realisation sparked a major change in my professional life. Last month I was asked… Continue reading Purpose is personal: what’s yours?

Good change at work

Breaking the procrastination habit: some old school moves

I’ve had a couple of conversations lately with people concerned about their tendency to procrastinate – avoiding necessary jobs, really struggling to be productive when faced with tasks they don’t enjoy or just don’t want to do. The young people I’m talking to seem particularly afflicted by it – aware that it’s a problem they… Continue reading Breaking the procrastination habit: some old school moves